EverTalent // Netherlands

Oscar is a bright individual who delivers his insights in an indepth and easy way to understand. He is highly future-oriented and a great person to speak to!

Thomas Bartelsen, MSc.B.Bus.B.A


Oscar Mager is a Founder and Talent Acquisition Specialist at Evertalent (http://www.evertalent.co), based in the Netherlands. With over fifteen years of experience in the international recruiting space, he helps companies innovate recruitment, identify talent and hire amazing people.

Oscar Mager is Founder and Talent Acquisition Leader at Recruiting Essentials, with over 15 years of international full cycle recruitment and talent sourcing experience. Most recently he has been active as a Senior Contract Recruiter EMEA for Sonos, The Wireless HiFi System.

Oscar is on a permanent mission to disrupt hiring and to make a difference in the world of international recruiting and talent sourcing. As part of this mission he founded Recruiting Essentials to help businesses revolutionize their hiring process, set winning talent acquisition strategies and design recruitment programs to ultimately identify best talent. Oscar can always be found joining the recruiting conversation, both online and offline, with some of the most talented recruiting and sourcing experts.

From his other passion for photography, Oscar shares pictures of Recruiting Events on his Flickr account.