Robindro Ullah is one of the most innovative Recruiters/ HR Managers in Germany. The title German HR Innovator of the year was bestowed three times upon him. Furthermore he was awarded thrice the HR Excellence Award and his recruiting activities in China were honoured with the german online communication award.
During the last three years he wrote three books. “Praxishandbuch Recruiting”, the first encompassing book about talent acquisition in Germany, “Erfolgsfaktor Candidate Experience”, the first book based on real candidate stories reflecting the candidate journey, and most recently “Erfolgsfaktor Sourcing” the first book about Sourcing in Germany which will be published in April.

Robindro has more than 10 years of recruiting experience. After being responsible for more than 1.400 national hirings a year at Deutsche Bahn as Head of Recruitment Region South he took on an international role at VOITH where his focus was on markets such as China and Brazil. As Head of Employer Branding and HR Communication Global his achievements include implementing a global application tracing system and restructuring the entire recruitment organisation.
Since he started his own business in 2016 he has been setting up projects like “Coding seminars for HR” or his new product “hr|tomorrow” a trend e-paper which deals exclusively with future technology and its impact on daily HR work.  Robindro has a mathematical background and is one of the most exotic birds in the german HR landscape. Therefore he has a high affinity for metrics and tech. With his blog “HR in Mind” he covers a broad range of HR topics, not only recruitment.

If I could take just one person to a lonely island, it would be Robindro. He would make sure that the island will soon be not lonely anymore.

Dr. Matthias Afting,
CEO Cognos AG


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