Tobias Ortner has worked in recruiting and HR marketing in the Munich, Augsburg, and Ingolstadt area for 13 years now. Before successfully setting up his own start-up in 2007, the work performance GmbH, he had recruited for Creyf’s as well as for Falter & Partner. He is in charge of all recruiting and HR marketing processes at the BFFT GmbH in Ingolstadt since 2007. In 2016, Tobias spent seven months in San Francisco to establish a recruiting unit there and to bring new ideas, ways and means for sourcing to Germany. His newest child in a blogging ménage à trois is “die grüne 3”.

Tobias is one of the leading sourcing practioner and thinker in Germany. He’s one of those rare leaders who leads from the front and has no qualms about getting his hands dirty and learning on the sourcing trenches.

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